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Norbert Wiener
dr.e, 27.11.2005 19:35 MEZ

Gestern war der 111. Geburtstag von Norbert Wiener, US-amerikanischer Mathematiker und Begründer der Kybernetik. Er galt zu seinen Lebzeiten als der Prototyp des zerstreuten Professors und kann deshalb als Vorbild für uns alle dienen. Eine Begebenheit, die von ihm erzählt wird, ist jene:

He went to a conference and parked his car in the big lot. When the conference was over, he went to the lot but forgot where he parked his car. He even forgot was his car looked like. So he waited until all the other cars were driven away, then took the car that was left.
When he and his family moved to a new house a few blocks away, his wife gave him written directions on how to reach it, since she knew he was absent-minded. But when he was leaving his office at the end of the day, he couldn't remember where he put her note, and he couldn't remember where the new house was. So he drove to his old neighborhood instead. He saw a young child and asked her, "Little girl, can you tell me where the Wieners moved?" "Yes, Daddy," came the reply, "Mommy said you'd probably be here, so she sent me to show you the way home".

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monz.tar.bz2, 28.11.2005 21:45 MEZ

Isch des nit da Mundl, da Wiana?

Koala, 28.11.2005 18:47 MEZ

Was ist denn da so witzig? Das kann doch jedem mal passieren.

mag.e, 28.11.2005 15:08 MEZ

Vielleicht schon passiert.

schwarzerkaffee, 28.11.2005 14:35 MEZ

auch nicht schlecht:

Phyllis L. Block, graduate administrator in the Department of Mathematics (MIT) recalls: "His (Wiener's) office was a few doors down the hall from mine. He often visited my office to talk to me. When my office was moved after a few years, he came in to introduce himself. He didn't realize I was the same person he had frequently visited [before]; I was in a new office so he thought I was someone else".

Könnt ich mir bei unseren fritzen auch vorstellen: Dass der Kunert beim Call Rider drin steht und ihn über Maple ausfragt, in der Annahme, er spreche mit Herdlinger.

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