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Frage der Woche
griff, 3.5.2004 14:16 MEZ

Was bedeutet Wiki (gespr. "Wicky"). Verwendet fuer WikiWikiWeb :)

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mage, 5.5.2004 15:01 MEZ

Und sie bekamen sogar einen Kunstpreis:

chris, 4.5.2004 15:57 MEZ

markus hast di wieder nit zrueckhalten koennen ;)

mage, 4.5.2004 10:13 MEZ

Zum Glück gibts hier keinen Preis. ;-)

Wiki wiki! Andele andele!

[anonym], 3.5.2004 17:16 MEZ

The terms wiki (pronounced "wicky") and WikiWiki are used to identify either a specific type of hypertext document collection or the collaborative software used to create it. "Wiki wiki" means "super fast" in the Hawaiian language. Wiki (with a capital 'W') and WikiWikiWeb are sometimes used to refer to the Portland Pattern Repository, the first ever wiki; proponents of this usage suggest using a lower-case 'w' to distinguish the generic terms discussed here.

siehe auch http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wiki

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