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dr.e, 9.12.2013 23:56 MEZ

"Fuckin' Concrete Contemporary Abstract Algebra Introduction..." von Nicolas Bourbaki Junior, vielleicht eines der wichtigsten modernen Lehrbücher der Mathematik in zeitgemäßer, jugendlicher Sprache. So macht Höhere Mathematik fuckin' fun!

"One fucky method of finding the fucked solution to amother fucking set of simultaneous congruences is to fuck the euclidean algorithm repeatedly. Oh yeah!
The Chinese remainder theorem was known to ancientfucking Chinese astronomers, who fucked it to date eventsfrom shitty observations of various fucky periodicastronomical phenomena. It is fucked in this fuckingcomputer age as a fucky tool for fucking and finding integersolutions to mother fuckin’ integer equations and for fuckingup arithmetic operations in a sexy computer fucker."
(aus dem Inhalt)


(Danke für den Tipp aus Basel.)

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Krippeninsasse, 10.12.2013 10:06 MEZ

Muahahaha, sehr stark.

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